How to come up with an App Idea?

It’s not about just having an app, it’s about having an interesting app which gets downloaded and has a monetization strategy behind. Check out this summary below from a great article I read that has ideas on how to come up with a great and interesting app idea.

How to come up with an App Idea?

Make an important question to yourself: What things do you do now can be made more fun, easier to do, or more social with an app?

Idea: …

After principal idea is ready, make these other questions:
“Do you know everywhere you can do that?  When you’re doing it do your friends know so they can come do it with you? Is it possible for you to be doing it while someone else is somewhere else in the world and you guys share together through video or pictures?”

Create & come up with App idea:  …

After you have your idea and created the app, you have to think about how to market your App. The next question is, “Who do you know that already knows a lot of people that like to do this?”

Think about looking for people that can tell people at a business for example. Repeat this process with other people you find that can talk and refer your app.

But why would anyone want to refer your app? Because they can have a percentage of all the money made from telling people about your app. In the program after they sign up they can become part of the itunes affiliate system and promote other apps and the like and gain a percentage of all people that buy through them.

The important thing to do is to talk to EVERYONE you know. Literally, everyone. You need to get an idea of your customer base and the amount of people that can possibly be interested in your app (also validate the idea).



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