Brainstorming about Hadoop for big data

Hadoop = HDFS + MapReduce

i’m very excited about hadoop for big data and I am currently learning as much as I can about HDFS, MapReduce and the diferent architectures for big data clusters and this new technology. Below some a phew of the business benefits for using Hadoop for enterprise big data. Of course Hadoop goes alongside different tools to manage it, run workflows, view analitycts, etc, etc. Below some business considerations that benefit this approach & technology for “big data” (the new buzz word) :).


  • Reduce processing time (reach SLA’s)
  • MapReduce jobs reduce processing time and in case of failures there’s time to fix it
  • Reduction in cost for storing and processing the data (years and years of data)
  • Easy of scale, no need to invest in the next new appliance
  • Reduce cost of back up and storing data
  • Ability to monitor in real time

It’s open source

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