The value of doing a $5 gig on Fiverr – Only for five dollars, why do it?

It’s actually only for $4 dollars because charges one dollar on every gig so actually you will be getting only $4 for every gig you do. You must wonder, why would you do a gig for $5 on fiverr? In my case I have 3 gigs published on fiverr. Two of them require no effort on my part because I have the product ready so when I receive an order I just send the files and that’s it, so the time I spend doing this is worth it for $4 on fiverr.

This last gig that I mention is more complex because it requires scheduling a call with the client and then making the actual call. Also during the call I have to set up a couple of details so the cost of me doing all this well more over $4 or $5. I cannot even think about making a living with this gig because it’s just not profitable. So why in the world would I post a gig for something that is not profitable for me? Well, experience and for the contents.

I’m interested in developing different media contents in audio and video format from the topics that I like and know about, like web development, online strategies etc. And I am using this gig on fiverr to be able to talk to a real person with the specific need and help them out. In this process I’m also documenting and recording from my side the online meeting (with the permission of the client) to be able at the end to have a video recording that I can reuse and provide to other clients in an automated way online. This means that later I will have a video tutorial from a real life case. I like using opportunities like these to help someone and then get the contents I needs. I like live web seminars and meetings. Also I like to record them 🙂

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