User-Contributed Map with results in Google Spreadsheets

I created a very cool User-Contributed Map here: The idea is that people add places in a map and then be able to see the user-contributed locations on the map. Also the information is sent to google spreadsheets in google docs for easy management.

The practical uses for this many, here’s how it works, visit this link:

Search for the location you want to map, move the arrow, zoom and locate the specific place:

The new location is added in the google spreadsheet:

You can see the results on map after:

Owners of the website and map can see results in google spreadsheet in real time:

This implementation is very interesting because many cool things can be done and mapped in real time. Also we are taking advantage of Google’s fast services like Google Maps and Google Drive (spreadsheets) to manage everything, we can see the results in real time and use these maps on our websites!

A solution like this can be used for marketing and business purposes.

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