Myron Golden Review (Book)— From The Trash Man To The Cash Man

This is a Myron Golden review of the book From the Trash Man to the Cash Man by Myron Golden. This book has helped shift their mindset around finances and wealth, which has been a struggle for many people. The book provides practical advice on adopting the financial habits of wealthy people and avoiding the pitfalls of poor money management. Here you can see highlights and key lessons from the book, such as investing in oneself, building financial assets, seeking mentorship, and teaching children about financial freedom.

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Myron Golden Review

Check out the background on the author, Myron Golden, former minister, businessman, husband, father, and grandfather. I appreciate Myron because he teaches biblically sound principles and shares lessons on success from a biblical perspective.

There are two key steps from this book: 1) Find out what rich people do financially and do the same, and 2) Find out what poor people do financially and avoid those habits. Listen below to hear about the 12 ‘money traps’ that can keep people from building wealth, such as not protecting their minds, not investing in themselves, being paralyzed by paychecks, lacking financial mentorship, and not teaching children about financial freedom.

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Most of us have a lack of financial education, particularly from a Christian perspective. This book expresses a desire to change our mindset and belief system around wealth, acknowledging that previous goals and dreams were hindered by our thinking. This book is useful for cultivating healthy financial habits. This Myron Golden review is valuable.

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Myron Golden Review

Why a Myron Golden Review? Who is he?

Myron Golden is a motivational business coach with a truly inspiring story. Overcoming polio as an infant, he turned his challenges into strengths. Starting from humble beginnings, including working as a garbage man, he mastered sales and built a successful career. Now, he’s a bestselling author, speaker, and consultant, blending biblical principles with business strategies. Myron’s focus isn’t just on making money but on making a difference, helping others achieve their goals with his practical, no-nonsense advice. He’s living proof that the right mindset can turn obstacles into opportunities.

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