Custom Dynamic QR Code that displays a different URL every day of the week

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I will create 1 Custom Dynamic QR Code that displays a different URL every day of the week for $5

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Delivered in 300 dpi 3″ x 3″ size jpg/png. I will create a custom QR code that CHANGES its behavior daily depending on which URL you want to send users everyday of the week.

I will create a custom high quality QR code that will redirect users to a different URL each day of the week making your QR code alive. You just send me the list of 7 URL’s you need for each day of the week and you will receive the dynamic  QR code in high quality format.

What is a dynamic QR Code?

Normal QR codes takes users to a website and that’s it. You have all seen QR codes in newspapers, websites and print ads and they only take users to one normal URL making the experience a simple and boring one showing the same content every time. If you wanted to have different URLs on the codes you needed more codes printed making you spend a lot of money (print, marketing, etc).

Enter the world of dynamic QR Codes! With a dynamic QR code you can print your QR CODES just ONCE and have the code redirect your users depending on the day of the week. You can have different content show on the same qr code which would will make you save money because print ads and marketing campaigns are expensive! It is better to only print and use your QR code once and then be able to control where it takes your users.

Examples of uses for dynamic QR codes:

You can be a restaurant that has a QR code printed on your business card that says “scan the QR code to see Monday’s special menu offer!” and then show the special menu only on Mondays and different ones the rest of the week. This is a great customer experience and saves the business money by only printing the QR code once and being able to reuse it differently each day of the week with a different URL. Try this example here:

Try it out! Go to this QR Code and scan it with your phone!

The example QR code above will take you to a different offer each day of the week. Imagine this QR code available to you and your customers. You can save money by only having ONE QR CODE and controlling where you take users when they scan the code. You can even change the URL’s anytime.

Example 2, Dynamic QR Codes: Have a QR code that takes you to a different calendar event every day of the week allowing you to print the QR code and display it on your store to allow customers to easily scan the QR code to see the each week’s events. Again, you save money on the print and marketing and also create a great user experience.

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