Audio Marketing Online – Turismo Podcast (2009) was a test page that I had for a while in 2009. The goal was to create a site with audio interviews, be able to record by phone and publish the info online in a cheap, efficient and personalized way. I wanted to use original intros, cheaply and quickly in general with a team of people also on the project. New online media is a great opportunity to position products and services on the web and I wanted to put into practice the process of recording phone interviews, editing them and creating a final MP3. The applications in the world of online marketing are endless and we can generate content of all kinds. Creative flexibility is limitless and can be done quickly.

This online marketing project with audio was interesting for me and I decided to launch it in 2009 with the help of my friend Ana Isabel Quiros. This type of audio marketing is very accessible and can become a very powerful weapon to increase your online presence and have better results on Google.

It is a very interesting process for me because of the creative flexibility. You can create intros of all kinds and content in many formats. You can always keep a very formal line or you can have informal but always relevant recordings. That is the key, having relevant content for our target customers or audience and giving them interesting things.

As I was saying, I wanted to put into practice the process of recording, editing and publishing new media. We used various themes to post a few test interviews and see the visits increase on the site. Before it was in the domain but then I canceled the domain and now it will remain in

Create Marketing Channels

These types of projects can be adapted to sites that already exist or as separate sites to attract new customers and generate marketing channels that rank very well on Google and other search engines. Audio is a very powerful format because you have a direct channel that is very personal, interesting content can be created.

Obviously these types of audio marketing channels are also fragile because you must always create value and give your customers interesting content. The contents do not necessarily have to be frequent, since the things you publish online will be archived in Google and will always be there giving you a very good ranking, but there is no doubt that if you publish things frequently you will have a much better chance of ranking better in Google. The cost of publishing these contents is not very high and it can be published quickly.

Google Ranking

It is very interesting how audio can become one of our best friends to generate good rankings in Google and I personally recommend this technique to publish content online. I believe that an audio strategy is just as important as a video strategy and should be incorporated into our online marketing efforts.

For more information on how we can publish something similar for your company or online business, let’s talk without obligation. I can gladly offer you ideas.

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