Telephony Web App

This telephony app will call you in my name and ask you to record a phone message. Right after you can hear the message online and share it with the world via email, twitter, etc. Este App de telefonia lo va a llamar y pedir grabar un msg. Luego de grabar puede escuchar online y compartir con el mundo via Twitter, email,etc!

Custom Dynamic QR Code that displays a different URL every day of the week

I just created my first 2 gigs at check out my profile. I posted this one below about dynamic qr codes, this is the complete detail:

I will create 1 Custom Dynamic QR Code that displays a different URL every day of the week for $5

Original Link to Gig on

Delivered in 300 dpi 3″ x 3″ size jpg/png. I will create a custom QR code that CHANGES its behavior daily depending on which URL you want to send users everyday of the week.

I will create a custom high quality QR code that will redirect users to a different URL each day of the week making your QR code alive. You just send me the list of 7 URL’s you need for each day of the week and you will receive the dynamic  QR code in high quality format.

What is a dynamic QR Code?

Normal QR codes takes users to a website and that’s it. Lea +

Pruebe GRATIS 2CO – Tarifas Rebajadas (Julio 2013) a 2.9%

Update Julio 2013: Ya no es necesario ingresar un promo code para recibir la oferta si vives en los EEUU, solo debes hacer click en el nuevo link para suscribirse: Si vives en otros paises si puedes usar el codigo de abajo para ahorrar el costo de suscripcion y probar GRATIS 2CO

Soy cliente de 2CO desde el 2006 y les quiero contar mi experiencia y ofrecerles cuentas GRATIS en 2Checkout mi mision es darles mucha informacion de este gran servicio mostrandoles mi cuenta de 2Checkout y mi experiencia vendiendo en todo el mundo con tarjetas de credito online. En mi nuevo sitio voy a publicar proximamente videos y demos de como funciona este gran servicio que tanto me ha ayudado. 🙂

Responsive Web Design – Content Focused

During the weekend, I worked a charity site for the foundation called  Fundacion Amor Por Los Animalitos Abandonados which protects street dogs and cats and helps them get adopted and neutered. This site’s content is perfect for a responsive web design implementation.

I have to say that i REALLY LOVE responsive web design & development. What does responsive web development mean? Well, it means that your website will adapt to the screen in which it is viewed by the user. When the site is viewed on a computer it can look one way (the original and “desktop” way), when it is viewed in your ipad or tablet another way, when viewed on my Gallaxy S3 another way, when viewed on iphone another way and so on depending on the screen width size of the user’s device (not the brand or model of your phone, just the screensize). And what this means is that your site will “respond” to the screensize width and move the content to fit the screen correctly. You can also target screen orientation and other options.

Different styles and designs can be applied to the website and this opens a lot of doors for innovation in my opinion. Web apps and websites can show contents in a better way improving user experience (desktop and mobile) and saving bandwidth. It’s not only about laying correctly and different the elements on a website, it’s also about creating specific and targeted designs for different devices like Ipad/tablets or phones like Iphone and Android phones. This is very cool. OTHER BENEFITS!? You have one single code base and you can deploy a website that will even adapt to future phones with any screen or orientation (this saves money! there are too many phones and brands).  One thing that I find interesting about responsive web design is that you can also show and hide content depending on the device. You can also use libraries like RWD Retrofit to allow an existing “desktop site” to co-exist with a “responsive site”.

Responsive web design might sound fancy but it is very beneficial to your website and your users and will save you money in the long run to develop your website and web application like this 🙂

The development part is ready and I used custom post types in WordPress to publish posts with Adoption animal information that will be useful, hopefully all animals can find a home. The design of this site is ongoing but luckily the adaptive part and strategy is ready 😉 This technology is not new but it has been very popular this 2012 with the wide spread use of smart phones and tablets, that’s why more and more and more sites are being built or adapted with responsive web design.

Adaptive web design is all about content because like the old saying says “Content is King” … and since content is king you have to give the users the content in best way depending on the context of the device they are using…desktop, mobile, etc.

Brainstorming about Hadoop for big data

Hadoop = HDFS + MapReduce

i’m very excited about hadoop for big data and I am currently learning as much as I can about HDFS, MapReduce and the diferent architectures for big data clusters and this new technology. Below some a phew of the business benefits for using Hadoop for enterprise big data. Of course Hadoop goes alongside different tools to manage it, run workflows, view analitycts, etc, etc. Below some business considerations that benefit this approach & technology for “big data” (the new buzz word) :).


  • Reduce processing time (reach SLA’s)
  • MapReduce jobs reduce processing time and in case of failures there’s time to fix it
  • Reduction in cost for storing and processing the data (years and years of data)
  • Easy of scale, no need to invest in the next new appliance
  • Reduce cost of back up and storing data
  • Ability to monitor in real time

It’s open source

Video Tutoriales casi Gratis en Facebook, costo: 1 Like :)

Visita este link en Facebook para ver gratis 2 vídeo tutoriales para aprender fácilmente como registrar nuestros dominios .com para nuestros proyectos al igual que en el segundo video como contratar un servicio de hospedaje web de clase mundial escalable para varios sitios web. Solamente tienes que darle like para ver ahora mismo el video. Facebook Page, video tutoriales.

How to come up with an App Idea?

It’s not about just having an app, it’s about having an interesting app which gets downloaded and has a monetization strategy behind. Check out this summary below from a great article I read that has ideas on how to come up with a great and interesting app idea.

How to come up with an App Idea?

Make an important question to yourself: What things do you do now can be made more fun, easier to do, or more social with an app?

Idea: …

After principal idea is ready, make these other questions:
“Do you know everywhere you can do that?  When you’re doing it do your friends know so they can come do it with you? Is it possible for you to be doing it while someone else is somewhere else in the world and you guys share together through video or pictures?”

Create & come up with App idea:  …

After you have your idea and created the app, you have to think about how to market your App. The next question is, “Who do you know that already knows a lot of people that like to do this?”

Think about looking for people that can tell people at a business for example. Repeat this process with other people you find that can talk and refer your app.

But why would anyone want to refer your app? Because they can have a percentage of all the money made from telling people about your app. In the program after they sign up they can become part of the itunes affiliate system and promote other apps and the like and gain a percentage of all people that buy through them.

The important thing to do is to talk to EVERYONE you know. Literally, everyone. You need to get an idea of your customer base and the amount of people that can possibly be interested in your app (also validate the idea).



I am subscribed to the linkshare affiliate program and I went in to check out the itunes program and these are the details, check them out, it’s %5 commission on all goods:


The current mobile payment’s early stage

The mobile payment industry is right now is in a state like the time when the first credit cards first came to market. When the first credit cards came to market, some of them didn’t work on some stores and there was not a standard yet like today where all credit cards work wherever. Today in the mobile payment industry the situation is the same. There are different mayor players that are all trying get into this new business. They all want to gain customer adoption and change customer behavior.

Today, the most relevant players in the mobile industry are the following companies. These companies are doing the following:

  • Paypal: Paypal is partnering with Discover to offer consumers a special Paypal card that they can use in normal stores (brick-and-mortar) to buy from the paypal account. Paypal’s advantage is the amount of users that it already has.
  • Square: Square has a technology with allows a small device (dongle) to be plugged into your telephone headphone jack and use the phone as payment terminal. Square is an online merchant that has relationship with the major credit card companies. Square is offering small and medium businesses (with less than $250,000 in revenue) since August 2012 an option to dump their normal credit card processor and fees of 2.75 percent per credit-card swipe and instead pay $275 a month with no fees to use Square. This strategy is very interesting because it offers merchants a different (and cheaper) solution to enter mobile payments.
  • Google Wallet: Google is entering mobile payments using NFC (near field communication) which is a new open technology with an open standard that uses a special chip that allows your phone to make payments. An important note about NFC is that not all phones right now come with an NFC chip inside. The technology is not yet offered on all phones. This will change in the near future. Nokia, blackberry, Windows phone 7 have indicated that they will offer them soon in 2012. It looks like the companies will commit to offering NFC chips on their phones. Apple has not yet confirmed that they will add NFC chips but if all the major companies are doing it, Apple will most likely do it as well.
  • Visa: Is offering a new digital wallet service called which allows users to make mobile payments on stores with only their email and password. This service accepts not only Visa cards but also MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Visa plans to add this option as well as in the future leverage other technologies like NFC or QR codes.
  • Mastercard: Offering a new digital wallet service called PayPass which is an extension of their known PayPass brand and offers tap-and-go, NFC-enabled payments that work via PayPass-enabled (NFC) phones, cards, key fobs, or mobile tags at over 441,000 locations.
  • The Digital Wallet strategy from Apple Passbook, Microsoft Account, Isis: These are not really relevant :). Let’s wait to see if in the near future these initiatives gain momentum.

 Today in the mobile payment arena all the companies are trying to do a couple of things… Get users and standardize the technology! Since this new medium is relative new. The standard hasn’t yet been defined on what consumers and users will want to adopt. Everyday it seams like there is a new story about a new deal in the mobile payment industry with big companies trying to get into this action and gain users.

The mobile payment business is moving at a ver rapid pace. Let’s see how this unfolds in the very near future. It is very interesting to see which which technology will win  and how the developers and companies can create experiences to enhance process.


Introduction to Video Marketing

At first video can be a little intimidating but with the right tools you can achieve your goals. Its all about doing it and testing the waters.

Just do it and repeat to learns the process. Video Marketing it’s a great tool to apply in e-commerce as well.

Types of Videos you can make – Video Marketing

Where to start – Video Marketing

Cycle to begin in Video Marketing

3 Objectives of copy

Important to remember:
– Layout every benefit of owning the products
– Demonstrate expertise & Overcome objections
– Demonstrate the value of the product relative to it’s purchase price