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Updates to my Linkedin profile page

Linkedin is a great place to grow your professional network. I just noticed that Linkedin now allows you to upload presentations and documents on each of your work experiences from your resume to show and complement information with presentations files like PDFs. I took advantage of this and added a bunch of documentation I had about project recognitions, recommendations and awards. Lea +

The value of doing a $5 gig on Fiverr – Only for five dollars, why do it?

It’s actually only for $4 dollars because fiverr.com charges one dollar on every gig so actually you will be getting only $4 for every gig you do. You must wonder, why would you do a gig for $5 on fiverr? In my case I have 3 gigs published on fiverr. Two of them require no effort on my part because I have the product ready so when I receive an order I just send the files and that’s it, so the time I spend doing this is worth it for $4 on fiverr. Lea +

Telephony Web App

This telephony app will call you in my name and ask you to record a phone message. Right after you can hear the message online and share it with the world via email, twitter, etc. Este App de telefonia lo va a llamar y pedir grabar un msg. Luego de grabar puede escuchar online y compartir con el mundo via Twitter, email,etc!
[S3VIDEO file=’http://web.felipesuarez.com/video/telephony-app-felipe-suarez.mp4′    authurl=’false’ autoplay=’false’ vol=’70’ allowfullscreen=’true’ bgimage=’http://felipesuarez.com/imgs/cambie-mi-website-felipesuarez.jpg’ anchor=’bajar video’  sitemap=’true’]

Responsive Web Design – Content Focused

During the weekend, I worked a charity site for the foundation called  Fundacion Amor Por Los Animalitos Abandonados which protects street dogs and cats and helps them get adopted and neutered. This site’s content is perfect for a responsive web design implementation.

I have to say that i REALLY LOVE responsive web design & development. What does responsive web development mean? Well, it means that your website will adapt to the screen in which it is viewed by the user. When the site is viewed on a computer it can look one way (the original and «desktop» way), when it is viewed in your ipad or tablet another way, when viewed on my Gallaxy S3 another way, when viewed on iphone another way and so on depending on the screen width size of the user’s device (not the brand or model of your phone, just the screensize). And what this means is that your site will «respond» to the screensize width and move the content to fit the screen correctly. You can also target screen orientation and other options.

Different styles and designs can be applied to the website and this opens a lot of doors for innovation in my opinion. Web apps and websites can show contents in a better way improving user experience (desktop and mobile) and saving bandwidth. It’s not only about laying correctly and different the elements on a website, it’s also about creating specific and targeted designs for different devices like Ipad/tablets or phones like Iphone and Android phones. This is very cool. OTHER BENEFITS!? You have one single code base and you can deploy a website that will even adapt to future phones with any screen or orientation (this saves money! there are too many phones and brands).  One thing that I find interesting about responsive web design is that you can also show and hide content depending on the device. You can also use libraries like RWD Retrofit to allow an existing «desktop site» to co-exist with a «responsive site».

Responsive web design might sound fancy but it is very beneficial to your website and your users and will save you money in the long run to develop your website and web application like this 🙂

The development part is ready and I used custom post types in WordPress to publish posts with Adoption animal information that will be useful, hopefully all animals can find a home. The design of this site is ongoing but luckily the adaptive part and strategy is ready 😉 This technology is not new but it has been very popular this 2012 with the wide spread use of smart phones and tablets, that’s why more and more and more sites are being built or adapted with responsive web design.

Adaptive web design is all about content because like the old saying says «Content is King» … and since content is king you have to give the users the content in best way depending on the context of the device they are using…desktop, mobile, etc.

Introduction to Video Marketing

At first video can be a little intimidating but with the right tools you can achieve your goals. Its all about doing it and testing the waters.

Just do it and repeat to learns the process. Video Marketing it’s a great tool to apply in e-commerce as well.

Types of Videos you can make – Video Marketing

Where to start – Video Marketing

Cycle to begin in Video Marketing

3 Objectives of copy

Important to remember:
– Layout every benefit of owning the products
– Demonstrate expertise & Overcome objections
– Demonstrate the value of the product relative to it’s purchase price